My work is focused on the human form and especially portraiture. I find working on a portrait to be a transformative experience. Rather than try to capture the subject, I try to find her. I am seeking an inner essence by corralling water and ink across the paper to blur and distort facial features. This watery technique creates an image that is atmospheric and ethereal – like a ghost. I work almost exclusively from photographs of various sources which may have personal meaning or none at all. The point is to find the meaning. A superficial image in a magazine can be transformed; it’s spirit brought forth. My drawings wash away the heavy, visceral body to reveal the intangible, internal self. Confronting our inner being is often awkward and nonlinear, thus the unsettling quality of the portraits. I want to encourage the viewer to feel the discomfort of looking inward while noticing the subtle beauty and peculiarity that emerges when we do so.